The dashboard is a completely new feature in ISA Server 2004. You can see up-to-the minute statistics on each of the components discussed in Table 6-1. The dashboard can be customized to reflect the data on which you want to focus, and each of the areas on the dashboard can be minimized to give you more viewing space if needed. The topics discussed throughout this chapter allow the dashboard to accurately reflect the current situation on your ISA server.

In the dashboard, the System Performance area shows the Allowed Packets/Sec and Dropped Packets/Sec readings. You can also view the performance statistics on the ISA server by viewing the ISA Server Performance Monitor, which you can view by clicking Start, All Programs, Microsoft ISA Server, and then ISA Server Performance Monitor.

Configuring Refresh Rate Settings

If you are responsible for administering ISA Server 2004, the dashboard is where you will spend a lot of your time when you are not configuring new rules and policies. When working from the Monitoring node, refresh rate settings can be configured on any of the tabs in the details pane. To set the refresh rate, follow these steps:

  1. In the console tree, click the Monitoring node.

  2. Open the ISA Server Management console.

  3. Click the applicable tab in the details pane that you would like to configure. In this example, you configure the refresh settings for the Dashboard tab.

  4. In the task pane, under Automatic Refresh Rate, select from None, Low, Medium, and High.


    The default refresh rate setting is Medium, which refreshes data every 60 seconds. A Low refresh rate setting refreshes data every 120 seconds, and a High refresh rate setting refreshes data every 30 seconds. If you choose None, you must manually refresh the data.

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