Chapter 8

  • How to publish a Web server on a perimeter network using ISA Server 2004:;en-us;838242&spid=2108&sid=global

  • How to publish a DNS server in ISA Server 2004:;en-us;837833&spid=2108&sid=global

  • How to publish a File Transfer Protocol server that is running on an ISA Server 2004 computer:;en-us;838243&spid=2108&sid=global

  • Best practices when you publish two or more internal Web sites that use authentication on an ISA Server 2004–based computer:;en-us;886998&spid=2108&sid=global

  • Host headers and URLs are considered to be encoded by UTF8 encoding in ISA Server 2004:;en-us;888927&spid=2108&sid=global

  • How to permit non-Microsoft programs to connect to the Internet through ISA Server 2004:;en-us;837831

  • Differences between server publishing rules and access rules in ISA Server 2004:;en-us;837863&spid=2108&sid=global

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration ISA Server 2004 Administrator's Pocket Consultant
Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Administrators Pocket Consultant (Pro-Administrators Pocket Consultant)
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