Section 10.1. CDs: An Introduction

10.1. CDs: An Introduction

CDs, the miraculous shiny discs that migrated from the stereo to the PC (to the everlasting dismay of the record industry), hold about 700 MB of information, which translates to about 80 minutes of musicplenty of room for In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and the extended live version.

Every PC sold in the last decade includes a CD drive for playing CDs; PCs sold in the last five years include CD burners that let you save files to a CD as well. DVD burners, now appearing on many new PCs, let you burn DVDs and CDs.

The following sections explain how to play CDs, how to buy the right blank CDs for your CD burner , and how to copy a CD's contents to your PC (also known as ripping). You'll also learn about saving files on blank CDs (aka burning), duplicating CDs, and erasing them.

Tip: Always buy your blank CDs in bulkthey're cheaper that way. You inevitably need more than planned, and PCs occasionally turn some into coasters when they botch things up during the burning process.

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