Chapter 45. SQL Server Notification Services

by Shyam Pather


  • Introduction to SQL Notification Services

  • Obtaining and Installing SQL Notification Services

  • SQL Notification Services Architecture

  • Instances and Applications

  • Deploying and Configuring a Notificaton Services Instance

  • Monitoring and Administering a Notification Services Instance

SQL Notification Services is a set of platform extensions to Microsoft SQL Server 2000. These extensions make it easy to build, deploy, and execute notification applications: applications that send notification messages to users at any time and on any device, based on subscriptions that they set up in advance. Notification Services offers both a simple programming model for building notification applications and an efficient and scalable server for executing those applications.

This chapter provides an overview of the Notification Services platform and describes how to configure and deploy a notification application. The details concerning how to build an application on SQL Notification Services are beyond the scope of this chapter.

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