Creating the Text

When you're designing any composition, you need to consider the destination of your completed projectespecially when you're working with titles. If your project will be shown on a television, you should turn on the Title-Action Safe button in the Comp window to show the boundary within which titles won't be cut off by particular displays.

In this section, you'll create the title's text (you'll add texture and animated shadows to the text in later sections):


To format the text, click the Horizontal Type tool in the Tools palette, and then set the following properties in the Character and Paragraph palettes:

Font Family: Arial

Style: Bold

Text Size: 55

Alignment: Center Text


To start the Text layer right in the center of the Comp window, choose Layer > New > Text (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T on Windows or Command+Option+Shift+T on MAC OS), and then type The Omega Future. To get out of text-entry mode, click the Selection tool in the Tools palette or press Enter on your keyboard's numeric keypad.

Save your composition.


When you use the Text tool in After Effects, the type continuously rasterizes so that it appears clean no matter how much it scales.

Creating the title

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