Now Try This

This project showed you how to use effects and masks to create your own motion background and animate the text in a word. You can complete the following steps on your own to add the finishing touches that we used to produce the sample movie for this chapter:

  • Expand the Logo Comp layer, and turn on the Cast Shadows option in the Material Options.

  • Add a Light layer above the other layers in the Ch5 Master Comp, and place it far enough from the background so that the full logo is visible in the light. Adjust the parameters to your taste.

  • Fade in the Background layer using Opacity keyframes from 0;00 to 0;10, and fade it out from 3;00 to 3;15 seconds.

  • Use the Ramp and Bevel Alpha effects to add a metallic texture to the Logo Comp layer.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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