Creating the Title

This movie is built within a single composition, which you'll create now:


Create a new comp named Master Comp, using the Medium, 320x240 preset, with Frame Rate 30 and Duration 10;00 seconds.


Select the Title-Action Safe button at the bottom of the Comp window.


Click the Horizontal Type tool in the Tools palette, and set the following properties in the Character and Paragraph palettes:

Fill Color: white

Stroke Color: None

Font Family: Myriad

Font style: Roman

Font size: 40 pixels

Tracking: 50

Centered text

Your text will be big enough to be read easily, but these settings leave enough room around the title so that a background and other animated elements can also be viewed.


Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T (Windows) or Opt+Command+T (Mac OS) to create a new text layer in the center of the Comp window. Then, type the title LA HI-RISE.


Select the layer in the Timeline, and press the up arrow key several times to nudge the layer upward to make room for a second line of text underneath.

We used all caps so that the tall letters keep the high-rise theme of the title and project.

The title

    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
    ISBN: 0321267230
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 236

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