IChannel and IChannelReceiver code, role in implementing server channels, 356-357

IChannel and IChannelSender code, 347-349

IChannel, implementing server methods and properties for, 359

IChannel with populated sink providers, example of, 239-240

IChannelSinkBase and IServerChannelSink code, 361

IClientChannelSink interface for message links

advisory about, 307

example of, 210-211

performing exception handling for, 233

role in implementing compression sinks, 251-253

IContextProperty interface code, implementing, 380-381

IContributeDynamicSink property, displaying, 246

IContributeObjectSink interface code, 380


extending for MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode, 22-23

implementing for MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode, 17-18

IDE (integrated development environment), trying to start Windows services from, 115

IDictionary, role in server-side sinks, 244

IDynamicProperty interface

displaying, 246

registering with current context, 247

IIS (Internet Information Server)

deploying server applications with, 117-123

using authentication within, 126-127, 130

ILease interface

adding sponsors with, 150

location of, 136

IMessage, advisory about changing content in IClientChannelSink, 286

IMessageSink interface

checking parameters with, 387-391

connecting to TransparentProxy, 243

example of, 209-211

role in server-side asynchronous processing, 233-235

includeVersions attribute for formatters and providers in configuration files, using, 104-105

InfinitelyLivingSingleton, calling in lifetime example, 144

InitializeLifetimeService() method, overriding, 51-52, 138-139

InitialLeaseTime property, explanation of, 136


installing Windows services with, 115

uninstalling Windows services with, 117

interface definitions for .NET Remoting, explanation of, 10-13

invocation, types of, 52

IPrincipal interface, verifying group memberships for users with, 128-130

ISerializable interface, examining, 176

IServerChannelSink interface

displaying, 218

role in compression sinks, 255-257

role in server-side asynchronous processing, 233-235

ISponsor interface, implementing, 149-150

IV (initialization vectors), using with symmetric encryption, 272

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