In this book you learned .NET Remoting from the basics to very advanced topics. In the first chapters I introduced you to the various kinds of remote objects and how to create and register them. I covered the intricacies of client-activated objects and server-activated objects. You also learned about the various ways of generating the necessary metadata to allow the .NET Remoting Framework to create transparent proxies. I showed you the deployment options for remoting servers that can be either managed applications (including console applications, Windows Services, and Windows Form applications) and IIS. I then showed you more advanced topics such as security, event handling, versioning, and lifetime management by using leases and sponsors.

In the second part of the book I showed you how .NET Remoting works internally. You were introduced to proxies, messages, transport channels, formatters, message sinks, and channel sinks. After covering those architectural basics, I showed you how to leverage the .NET Remoting Framework's extensibility model by implementing your own sinks and sink providers. At the end of the second part you finally learned how to implement a complete transport channel from scratch and how to use ContextBoundObject to intercept message calls.

You are now well prepared for the development of distributed applications using the .NET Framework—so go ahead and do your stuff!

Advanced  .NET Remoting C# Edition
Advanced .NET Remoting (C# Edition)
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