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  • Targets two audiences: the “use-it” developers and the “understand-and-extend-it” developers
  • Includes discussion of .NET Remoting basics, configuration and deployment, security, extensibility, and more
  • Technical review by a member of Microsoft’s .NET Remoting team ensures the highest quality of technical information

With all the attention paid recently to Web services, many developers don’t realize that the true successor to DCOM is actually .NET Remoting. And what an improvement it is!

Advanced .NET Remoting is the first book that really offers in-depth coverage of the .NET Remoting Framework. The first part of the book covers everything a developer needs to know to use the framework and its capabilities in real-world applications, including the basics of server-activated objects versus client-activated objects, formatters, channels, lifetime issues, security, configuration files, and more. The server-side hosting of remotable components in console applications, Windows Services, and IIS are also covered in detail.

The second part presents .NET Remoting internals in an unprecedented way. Ingo Rammer shows how the framework really uses message sinks and sink providers, and gives in-depth advice on why and how to implement message and channel sinks. These chapters will also give detailed insight into the synchronous and asynchronous message processing within the framework. Rammer goes far beyond Microsoft’s documentation in explaining how .NET Remoting really works, and how it can be extended—essential information for advanced developers.

Rammer also includes a chapter that presents the development process and source code for several real-world message sinks and shows you how to develop a custom Remoting transport channel from scratch. He concludes with coverage of the ContextBoundObject class and .NET contexts, which allow the use of the techniques of the .NET Remoting Framework within individual, client-only applications.

About the Author

Ingo Rammer is cofounder and CEO of Sycom Software, an Austrian software consulting company. He works as a consultant, trainer, and software architect for companies in the software and telecommunication industries. During his professional career he has worked with a range of programming platforms, although he focuses mainly on Visual Basic, Java and the .NET platform. Most recently, he has designed and implemented several large-scale distributed applications and XML-based distributed application frameworks.

Advanced  .NET Remoting C# Edition
Advanced .NET Remoting (C# Edition)
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