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advanced .net remoting (c# edition)
Advanced .NET Remoting (C# Edition)
by Ingo Rammer ISBN:1590590252
Apress 2002 (404 pages)

This text presents a detailed discussion of deployment options (using XML), and is followed by a quick discussion of security and authentication and then managing object lifetimes.

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Table of Contents
Advanced .NET Remoting
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Remoting
Chapter 2 - .NET Remoting Basics
Chapter 3 - Remoting in Action
Chapter 4 - Configuration and Deployment
Chapter 5 - Securing .NET Remoting
Chapter 6 - In-Depth .NET Remoting
Chapter 7 - Inside the Framework
Chapter 8 - Creation of Sinks
Chapter 9 - Extending .NET Remoting
Chapter 10 - Developing a Transport Channel
Chapter 11 - Context Matters
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Advanced  .NET Remoting C# Edition
Advanced .NET Remoting (C# Edition)
ISBN: 1590590252
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Year: 2002
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