use column break

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Apply the style Body using the same steps you used placing and styling the text in the text box.

The text will automatically flow into a new second page.

We want a headline for this article to span both columns so we'll add a text box to hold it.

Click outside the column outlines to remove the insertion point from the body and to make the Insert Text command available.

Press - to select the text box.

Double-click the text box to place the insertion point.

The lorem ipsum text you copied to the clipboard earlier should still be there, if so, paste it into the box. If you have copied other content to the clipboard, copy the text again and paste it.

Press -to select the text box.

In the Inspector window click the Wrap Inspector button. Decrease the Extra Space value until the text below moves closer to the subhead.

Finally, we need to add two text boxes with page continuation information.

Click the Style icon in the toolbar and choose Body Italic.

Choose Edit > Duplicate (-) to duplicate the text box.

We'll complete the mechanics of continuing the two stories on pages 2 and 3 later in this chapter.

First, we'll complete a bit more graphic design on the cover.

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