In this chapter, we discussed how Mobile IP is a dynamic routing protocol where end devices signal their own routing updates and dynamic tunnels eliminate the need for host route propagation, thereby providing a scalable solution. We looked at how the Mobile IP protocol solves the mobility challenges of location discovery and move detection using agent advertisements and agent solicitations, and we discussed the concept of a Mobile IP handover. You saw how Mobile IP handovers are accomplished during the Mobile IP registration phase using routing updates, namely, the RRQ and RRP messages. We examined the behavior of the Mobile Node, FA, and Home Agent during these phases, and you saw how routing is accomplished while the Mobile Node is in the Foreign Network, and while it is at home.

In the coming chapters, we examine the security aspects of Mobile IP and highlight the major concepts of IOS Mobile IP configuration in a simple lab topology. We then apply all this knowledge to real-world use of Mobile IP, in both a private intranet environment and the global Internet. Along the way, we introduce enhanced Mobile IP features, along with the specific IOS commands necessary to invoke these features.

    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
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    Year: 2005
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