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Deploying Linux on IBM eServer pSeries Clusters
By Dino  Quintero, Prabhakar  Attaluri, Tomas  Baublys, Xinghong  He, Chin  Yau Lee, Francois  Thomas
Publisher : IBM
Pub Date : February 2004
ISBN : 0-7384-9876-9
Pages : 458

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      Chapter 1.   Introduction
        Section 1.1.   Introduction
        Section 1.2.   Why use Linux on pSeries
        Section 1.3.   POWER4 architecture advantages
        Section 1.4.   Chapter description
      Chapter 2.   System installation
        Section 2.1.   Before you install
        Section 2.2.   Step-by-step installation
        Section 2.3.   From network to fully unattended installation
        Section 2.4.   Where is the BIOS
        Section 2.5.   Post-installation tasks
      Chapter 3.   System administration
        Section 3.1.   The bash shell
        Section 3.2.   To YaST or not to YaSt
        Section 3.3.   Web-based system administration (Webmin)
        Section 3.4.   Runlevels
        Section 3.5.   Local user management
        Section 3.6.   Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
        Section 3.7.   Software mirroring and LVM
        Section 3.8.   File systems
        Section 3.9.   RPM management
        Section 3.10.   System updates
        Section 3.11.   System backup
        Section 3.12.   ssh
        Section 3.13.   DHCP server configuration
        Section 3.14.   DNS server configuration
        Section 3.15.   Using iptables for security
        Section 3.16.   OpenLDAP implementation
      Chapter 4.   Linux for pSeries RAS and problem determination
        Section 4.1.   Linux on pSeries RAS
        Section 4.2.   System logs
        Section 4.3.   Event logging - enterprise event log
        Section 4.4.   Log rotation
        Section 4.5.   Linux rescue methods
        Section 4.6.   Performance monitoring
      Chapter 5.   Cluster Systems Management (CSM)
        Section 5.1.   CSM concepts and architecture
        Section 5.2.   CSM planning, installation and configuration
        Section 5.3.   CSM administration
        Section 5.4.   CSM hostname changes
        Section 5.5.   CSM interoperability
        Section 5.6.   Future of CSM
      Chapter 6.   Getting started with GPFS
        Section 6.1.   GPFS description
        Section 6.2.   RSCT peer domain setup
        Section 6.3.   GPFS installation and basic configuration
      Chapter 7.   High Performance Computing case studies
        Section 7.1.   Hardware and software overview
        Section 7.2.   Myrinet
        Section 7.3.   Gigabit Ethernet
        Section 7.4.   Compilers and ESSL libraries
        Section 7.5.   More packages ported and installed
        Section 7.6.   Benchmarks
      Chapter 8.   Commercial application case studies
        Section 8.1.   High availability with heartbeat and DB2
        Section 8.2.   High Availability with Red Hat ClusterSuite
        Section 8.3.   Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
      Appendix A.   Linux for AIX system administrators
        Major features
        Common system files
        Task-specific command comparison
      Appendix B.   Feature comparison
      Appendix C.   Additional material
        Locating the Web material
      Abbreviations and acronyms
      Related publications
        IBM Redbooks
        Other publications
        Online resources
        How to get IBM Redbooks
        Help from IBM
      Back cover
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