Why Homogenize?

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Why Homogenize ?

According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary , the word homogenize means to blend into a smooth mixture, to make homogeneous. As more use cases and scenarios are developed it is necessary to make the model homogeneous. This is especially true if multiple teams are working on different parts of the model. Since use cases and scenarios deal with the written word, people may use different words to mean the same thing or they may interpret words differently. At this time classes may be combined, classes may be split into multiple classes, or a class may be eliminated from the model. This is just the natural maturation of the model during the project life cycle.

Homogenization does not happen at one point in the life cycle ”it must be on-going. Projects that wait until the end to synch up information developed by multiple groups of people are doomed to failure. I have found that the most successful projects are made up of teams that have constant communication mechanisms employed. Communication may be as simple as a phone call or as formal as a scheduled meeting ”it all depends on the project and the nature of the need to talk (for example, is it a simple question or a formal review of a piece of the system?). The only thing that matters is the fact that the teams are not working in isolation.

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