Chapter19.Using the Project Web Access Admin Menu Tab

Chapter 19. Using the Project Web Access Admin Menu Tab


  • Admin Overview

  • Using the Manage Users and Groups Function

  • Using the Manage Security Function

  • Using the Manage Views Page

  • Using the Server Configuration Function

  • Using the Manage Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Function

  • Using the Manage Enterprise Features Function

  • Using the Customize Project Web Access Function

  • Using the Clean Up the Project Server Database Function

  • The About Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 Page

  • Best Practices

The Admin tab in Project Web Access (PWA) is used by the administrator or Project Management Office (PMO) lead to set overall PWA screen settings, configurations, and security settings, and to perform general database maintenance such as deleting projects. To complete full configuration for the system, the PMO also sets up Enterprise Outline Codes in Project Professional as well. This chapter describes each function that displays in the side pane under the Admin tab. Other chapters in this book may include full instructions for using a particular feature, whereas this chapter provides overview information. When you select the Admin tab you see a screen listing all the Admin functions, as shown in Figure 19.1.

Figure 19.1. The Admin tab functions.


Most changes (for instance, permissions to view functions or see data, timesheets, and updates to PWA views) you make using the Admin tab are effective immediately after you save the change. Make sure that you take that into consideration prior to making a change. Also, several functions that change the PWA page (such as adding ToolTips) do not take effect until the administrator logs off and logs on again.

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