Admin Overview

The Admin tab in PWA allows you to manage all the settings for permissions and data views in PWA. It does not control any items for configuration in Project Professional. The Admin tab contains the following configuration and maintenance functions:


You may want to print out a list of the Admin subfunctions as described in the following list to make it easier to remember what you want to do because some of the names of these functions are not intuitive as to what specific functions they allow.

  • Manage Users and Groups:

    • Add, modify, and delete users to allow access to PWA and Project Pro.

    • Set up, change, and delete groups (for permissions). You also set up the Active Directory group synchronization options here.

  • Manage Security:

    • Add, modify, and delete categories used for data views.

    • Add, modify, and delete security templates, which are the basis for group permissions.

    • User authentication to set up general server authentication as Windows authentication, Project Server, or both modes.

  • Manage Views:

    • Add, modify, and delete views for Project Center and Project Detail views from projects in the Project Center, Resource Center, Portfolio Analyzer, and Timesheet.

  • Server Configuration:

    • Features Allows you to set up what you allow around master projects, local calendars, and other enterprise features. It also allows you to set up your Active Directory synchronization with the Enterprise Resource Pool. Features are additionally used to set up the overall enterprise permissions.

    • Menus Allows you to change the order of options on all the PWA screens and to create ToolTips.

  • Manage Windows SharePoint Services You can see more detail about what specific functions you will perform in the section about WSS in this chapter. The functions available are

    • Connect to SharePoint Server

    • Site provisioning settings

    • Manage SharePoint sites

    • Synchronize administrator accounts

    • Connect to SharePoint Portal Server

  • Manage Enterprise Features:

    • Update resource tables and OLAP cube. This allows you to update Portfolio Analyzer views with the latest information and to set availability.

    • Check in enterprise projects.

    • Check in enterprise resources.

    • Add or delete versions.

  • Customize Project Web Access:

    • Tracking settings Allows you to set the timesheet options and whether you want to use Managed or Non-Managed Time Periods.

    • Gantt Chart formats Change the colors, shadings, and patterns for the bars on the Gantt chart in PWA views.

    • Grouping formats Change the colors, shadings, and patterns for the bars on the Gantt chart in PWA views.

    • Home Page format Add links or other content to the PWA home page.

    • Notifications and reminders Set up the email servers for Project Server.

    • Clean Up Project Server Database This feature allows you to Delete projects and resources. You can also delete tasks assignments, status reports, to-do lists, and other specific items as shown on the page.

    • About Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 This feature provides licensing information so that you can see how many people are active PWA users.


Make sure that you understand there are two places to complete Active Directory synchronization. One is to synchronize the Project Server Security Groups and is under the group function in Managing Users and Groups. The other Active Directory function synchronizes an Active Directory group with the Enterprise Resource Pool. This is performed under Server Configuration. You do not have to use both synchronization functions. For example, many organizations just use Active Directory to add and synchronize users into their proper security group in Project Server.

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