Chapter 4. Data Types and Numeric Variables

You will learn the following in this chapter:

  • What data types are available in Visual Basic .NET

  • How to make intelligent data type selection

  • How Visual Basic .NET keeps track of data in a program

  • How to use lvalue and rvalue values to model data behavior

  • How a computer uses data efficiently

In this chapter you will learn about the different types of data that are inherently part of Visual Basic .NET. You will also learn how to think like the Visual Basic .NET compiler. This process will not only make you a better programmer but also make you more adept at correcting program errors (that is, debugging). Understanding what Visual Basic .NET does behind the scenes will help give you a more comprehensive understanding of how programs work and, hence, make you a better programmer.

Visual Basic .NET. Primer Plus
Visual Basic .NET Primer Plus
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