System Recovery with Ignite-UX

Ignite-UX is a product bundled with HP-UX 11i that provides a process to create a bootable system recovery tape or network archive. The tape or network archive contains a boot area and an operating system archive. Should your root disk fail or corruption of the root disk take place, you can recover using the bootable system recovery tape or archive.

Creating the tape and archive are done in a similar manner. The make_tape_recovery command to create a tape and the make_net_recovery command to create a network archive use many of the same options, such as those for including and excluding files in the archive. The primary difference is that with make_tape_recovery you write to a tape drive, and with make_net_recovery you write the archive to a system on the network which acts as a repository for storing archives.

In the upcoming two sections we'll cover writing a tape and writing a network archive. The tape archive will be created using make_tape_recovery on a local system, and both volume groups vg00 and vg01 will be included in the archive.

The network archive will be created using make_net_recovery , and the Ignite-UX GUI, across a network. This example will be on a system running Virtual Partitions (vPars) software. Since it is unlikely that every vPar on a system will have its own tape drive, the make_net_recovery command is ideal for creating archives on vPars-based systems.

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