Deleting a Region from the Timeline

Now that you have recorded a new wind chime region and evaluated it against the original recording, you no longer need the original Chime region.

There are two ways to delete a selected region from the Timeline:

  • Press the Delete key.

  • Choose Edit > Delete.


Zoom out until you can see the entire Chime region in the Chime and Timpani track (if it is not already fully in view).


In the Chime and Timpani track, click the Chime region to select it.


When you press Delete, all selected regions will be deleted. Make sure you have selected only the regions you want to delete. If you selected the Chime and Timpani track, all regions within that track become selected as well. Click the empty track area to the left of the Chime region to deselect all regions in the track. Then click only the Chime region to select it.


Press Delete on your keyboard to delete the selected region.


Press Z or the Home key to move the playhead to the beginning of the song.


Play your new and improved version of the finished song.

Nice job on the wind chime recording! It sounds a lot better than the original wind chime I recorded from my synthesizer.

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