The Benefits for the Employer

Following are a few of the benefits of telecommuting for the employer:

  • Reduced office expense I have worked from home for several companies. In all cases, I used my own desk, my own computer, and other resources. Although I billed back to those companies appropriate expenses, the fact is that those companies were relieved from allocating full-time desk space, parking, and other expenses.

    Typically, the technology to allow such arrangements is already in place and is pennies on the dollar compared to setting up a brick and mortar office space.

  • Happier employees I have spoken to several telecommuting employeessome full-time, some part-time telecommuters. In every case, they cite telecommuting as one of the most critical elements to their job satisfaction.

    Many are willing to trade higher pay for the option. Why? Just two days per week can save a telecommuter anywhere from an hour to four or five hours in commute time.

    In Los Angeles, I have met employees who commute three hours every day (back and forth). That is 15 hours per week, or more than 60 hours in a month. In a very real sense, telecommuting would give these people more than two full days each month.

  • Less sick leave Studies indicate that telecommuters work more consistently without taking sick time. This might be in part due to less exposure to other sick employees. However, these same studies show that some employees, who would normally take a day off for illness, are willing to work out of their home office without taking that time off.

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