The Benefits for the Employee

Following are just some of the benefits of telecommuting for the employee:

  • Less stress This is certainly true if done properly. One of the benefits of working at home is the ability to plan my work day around my life. Certainly, I must be available when my clients need me, but taking care of personal items becomes much less complicated. Doctor's appointments, family matters, and other appointments can be worked into your schedule without concern about taking time off from your job.

  • More family time Once again, this is true if managed properly. You do have some freedom in this area, but I know many consultants who, when in the midst of project work, work longer hours than many other professions.

    Although you have control of your schedule, you must control your schedule. Try to schedule your day as though you were still an employee, and work to keep your work at the officeeven if the office is in your home.

  • Reduced expenses Working from home means you spend less time commuting. Less time commuting means less spent on gas. In addition, when you work at home, you are far less likely to go out to lunch.

    These can greatly reduce your expenses.

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