Inserting Pictures, Video Clips, and Sounds

A clip or clip art is an image, audio, or video file that you can add to your documents to spruce them up. To add a clip to a document, select Insert, Picture, From File to display the Insert Picture dialog box. Locate the image on your disk and click Insert to insert the image. The Insert Picture dialog box shows a small thumbnail sample of your graphic image.

Several collections of images and video appear both on your computer and on the Web. You can search and use specific clips.

To Do: Add Clip Art

To add a clip from the clip-art collections available to you, perform these steps:

  1. graphics/new2003_icon.gif

    Select Insert, Picture, Clip Art. Word displays the Clip Art task pane. As you familiarize yourself with the clip-art collections and add clips and graphics to your own computer, you will begin to utilize the Insert Clip Art task pane's search features to more quickly locate the media object you want to insert.

  2. Type a subject, such as house , in the Search field.

  3. Open the Search In list to select your own computer or the Web to locate a clip you want to use. If you leave the option showing All Collections, Word searches your computer as well as the Web for any available clips that match the subject you're looking for.

  4. Click the Go button to display a list of pictures, video clips, and sounds that match your search criteria, as shown in Figure 5.3.

    Figure 5.3. Select an image or clip to add to your document.


  5. Select the image or clip to insert into your document.


If your own computer has several picture, video, and sound clips, you can add your computer's clips to the list that the Office programs search by clicking the Organize Clips link at the bottom of the Clip Art task pane and instructing the Clip Organizer to search your computer and include those clips in future clip-art searches.

You can display inserted graphic images from the Print Layout view or from the Print Preview screen. If you insert a sound or video clip, Word places an appropriate icon at the location. When you or someone else views your document in Word (or on the Internet even if you create Web pages inside Word), that clip plays.

Watercolor Pictures

A watermark is a faded graphic image that appears behind text in a document. With Word, a watermark can appear in color ( assuming that you have a color printer) or in a grayscale tone. Watermark images are so faded they do not interfere with the text in any way. Yet, a watermark image does lightly appear in the background on the page and prints behind the text. Some of the Office themes contain such watermark images.

A watermark might be a company logo or a design that adds personality to your printed documents. To add a watermark, select Format, Background, Printed Watermark. Click the Picture watermark option and then click Select Picture. Choose an image and click Insert. Word inserts the watermark behind your document's text.

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