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Radar chart (Excel)  
               Excel worksheets  
       Excel formulas   2nd  
       Excel worksheets   2nd  
       naming (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
Reading Layout view (Word)  
Record Narration command (Slide Show menu)  
Record Narration dialog box  
       contacts (Outlook)   2nd   3rd   4th  
       Journal entries (Outlook)   2nd   3rd   4th  
       Access databases   2nd   3rd  
       Access tables
records (Access)
       removing.   [See filters]
Records menu commands
Recount button  
Recurrence button  
red wavy lines   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
Redo button  
Reference, Footnote command (Insert menu)  
Regional and Language Options icon  
Regional Settings icon.   [See Regional and Language Options]
regular hyphens  
rehearsing slide shows
relaional databases versus flat-file databases  
relational database systems.   [See Access]
relational operators (Access)  
relative cell referencing
       Excel formulas   2nd   3rd  
Reminder check box  
       appointments (Outlook)   2nd  
Replace command (Edit menu)  
Replace Text As You Type option (AutoCorrect)  
Report Design view   2nd  
report summaries (Access)   2nd  
       grouping   2nd   3rd  
Report Wizard   2nd   3rd  
       report summaries   2nd  
               grouping   2nd   3rd  
               layout   2nd  
               sorting   2nd  
               styles   2nd  
Report Wizards   2nd   3rd  
reports (Access)   2nd  
       generating via AutoReports   2nd   3rd  
       generating via Report Wizard   2nd  
       generating via Report Wizards   2nd   3rd  
       layout   2nd  
       printing   2nd  
       report summaries   2nd  
               grouping   2nd   3rd  
       sorting   2nd  
       styles   2nd  
Required property (Access database fields)  
Reveal Format task pane  
right justifying text (Word)  
Roman() function  
       deleting (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
               Excel worksheets   2nd  
       inserting (Excel worksheets)  
       inserting (Word tables)  
Rows command (Insert menu)  
ruler (Word)   2nd  
rules wizard  
Run macro action  
Run program action  

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