Different Views


The <body> HTML command tag appearing toward the top of the page indicates the part of the Web page you're currently viewing. After you add elements such as graphics and text to your Web page, you can click over anything on your Web page and FrontPage will show the HTML tags for whatever you click on.


To get an idea of the kind of HTML FrontPage has generated for you as you placed the picture and text, click the Split view button. As Figure Web 1.8 shows, this displays the HTML in the top window pane and your resulting Web page in the bottom. The Split view becomes helpful as you get more advanced and begin modifying some HTML code yourself.

Figure Web 1.8. Your first Web page is looking better.



You might wonder why much of this chapter has been discussing HTML along with FrontPage. A Web-page designer is never far away from HTML, and no matter how powerful FrontPage is, sometimes viewing the HTML code and making adjustments there is a needed skill. Although programs such as FrontPage make extensive HTML editing no longer necessary, HTML is the key to Web pages and understanding its presence is essential.

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