Can I use my Windows Me or Windows XP PC as a Web server?


Several programs now turn just about any computer into a Web server. One of the most popular is the Apache server software that you can download from, the Apache Web site. Depending on how much computing power you have, you might not want to tie up your PC by using it as a Web server. If not, consider renting the server service from one of the many Web-hosting companies that exist.


Can I include Excel graphs on my Web pages?


Certainly. You can copy the graph to your Windows Clipboard and then paste it directly into your Word- or PowerPoint-based Web page. An Excel graph is no different from any other kind of data that you can copy and paste into a Web page from any of the Office products.

Windows supports OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) technology that enables you to insert virtually any object inside any other kind of document. If you want to insert an Excel graph or a video file with sound into a Web page, you can do so by using the Insert menu from the Office product's menu bar.

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