To Do: Send Office Documents as Email

Perhaps you don't want to send a regular email, but you want to send your Office program's document to a friend or associate over the Internet. You can send your current Word document, Excel worksheet, Access database, or PowerPoint presentation to any email recipient in your Outlook Contacts list or to anyone whose email address you know by following these steps:

  1. Once you complete the Office document, worksheet, database, or presentation you want to send to someone, select File, Send to. Depending on what Office program you're sending from, you will be able to send this document in one of several ways.

  2. Select how you want to send the document. For example, you can often send Word documents as email attachments or as the actual body inside the email. You can only send an Access database as an email attachment.

  3. Depending on what kind of email attachment you send, Office might ask you for a data type that it can convert your file to. For example, if you send an Access database to an email recipient, Access displays the Send dialog box shown in Figure 21.6. Select the data type you want Access to convert the database to before sending the database to your recipient.

    Figure 21.6. Select the format you want to convert the database to before sending it as an email attachment.


  4. Once you select the conversion data type, your Office program sends the email and returns to where you were before you sent the email.


The format you select depends on how your recipient will use the database and what kind of program the recipient has. You might have to ask which of the conversion file formats your recipient prefers to receive from the list available to you.

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