Do I begin with a PowerPoint template, the AutoContent Wizard, or a blank presentation when I want to create a presentation?


Unlike the other Office products, you almost always create a presentation using the AutoContent Wizard or a template. A blank presentation requires you to lay out all your slide titles and text, which is too much work for most presentations. Unless your presentation requires unusual features, the AutoContent Wizard and templates produce presentations that will be close to your desired presentation.

Basically, all PowerPoint presentation-generation techniques end up producing a new slide on which you must add text, modify colors, change formatting, and add optional graphics. You learn how to apply these slide edits and make specific presentation improvements in the next hour .


I'm still confused . What is the difference between the AutoContent Wizard and the design templates?


The AutoContent Wizard uses the design templates for its slides. The biggest difference between the two presentation-design tools is that the AutoContent Wizard creates a multiple-slide presentation with the sample content and designs in place, whereas the design templates develop a one-slide presentation with design elements present (but no content). You can use either the AutoContent Wizard or a template as a springboard to start your presentation and then customize it to fit your needs.

If you want to add a new slide to a presentation, you might want to use a design template for that individual slide. If you want PowerPoint to generate an entire set of general slides for a specific presentation, such as a corporate business meeting, you can let the AutoContent Wizard generate the entire presentation and then you can fill in the details that your presentation requires.

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