Chapter 3

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A sealed class cannot be inherited. A sealed class is used primarily when the class contains static members. Note that a struct is implicitly sealed.


A class can inherit from one class explicitly and inherits from System.Object implicitly. It can inherit from any number of interfaces.


  1. ShowName is static and cannot be referenced from a class instance.

  2.  ShowName.ShowMe("My Name is Ishmael"); 


An abstract class may contain both abstract and non-abstract methods.


new is used to replace (not override) an inherited method with one of the same name.


(a) x=60 y=40. x is passed by reference; y by value.


Include a method that performs the same operation as the operator overloading.


A class cannot be instantiated if it is abstract or if it has a private constructor.


Example event handler:

 private void PrintSale(object sender, SaleEvArgs e) {    decimal prc=  (decimal)e.saleprice;    DateTime dt = (DateTime);    int itemNum = (int)e.itemnum;    // Now print the values } 


(a) Compilation error indicating that keyword new is required on Child.amethod(int, string) because it hides the inherited method. If new is used, the code prints "Base Constructor".

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