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I want to send special thanks to Betsy Brown for putting up with me on this project. She was the driving force behind the work, and I cannot express how glad I am that she wanted me to do this project.

Jason Perkins had to wade through all the problems I put into this book's first draft. Any problems that might be left are all mine. In addition, the other staff and editors on this project, namely Jon Steever, George Nedeff, and Bart Reed, made this book better than it otherwise could be.

Finally, I want to express massive thanks to readers who keep coming back to my titles. Teaching you how to do something is nothing but a pleasure for me.

I promise to keep you abreast of vital information you need to know even after you finish this book! How will I do that? Simple ”I'll deliver myself to you past the last page.

To claim information that is rightfully yours as this book's reader, just send a blank email to me at and ”after a quick opt-in confirmation from you ”I promise to do the following:

  • Gift to you a wealth of free reports and tutorials worth hundreds of dollars elsewhere! These bonuses sent to you over a few weeks time walk you through tons of hands-on tips, traps, and techniques that show you how to make do even more work for you.

  • Give newcomers, current users, and advanced gurus immediate solutions and sometimes even insider trade secrets throughout these reports and tutorials.

  • Answer as many questions as possible about while sharing new suggestions, hot ideas, and sizzling ways to maximize

You'll be able to cancel the further delivery of these tutorials, tip sheets, and other bonus gifts at any time. I'll never give away, rent, or sell your email to anybody or any other list for any reason. (If you don't receive something within a few minutes of sending the blank email to me at, you may need to add that email to your incoming address book or ISP's whitelist when possible.)

Send that email now so you don't lose out on these bonus items available only through this book. Then turn the page to begin learning one of the most amazing software applications ever given away completely free!

”Greg  Perry

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Sams Teach Yourself All In One
Sams Teach Yourself All In One
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