Cascading Style Sheets provide Web designers with numerous benefits if they're creating a Web for people using current versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Style sheets enable you to modify the appearance of a Web in dramatic ways and save all of this information to a single file. Changing the file changes everything in the Web that links to the style sheet.

During this chapter, you learned how to create new styles and modify some existing ones. You can extend the visual appeal of your FrontPage Webs in ways that are not possible through standard HTML.

Another benefit to using CSS is that it provides a way to define the information contained on a page. By creating style sheets with names that describe their purposes, you make the information more coherent and more useful.

For example, a newspaper's Web could define new styles for p.headline , , , p. dateline , and p.lead_paragraph . Even if all of these looked the same on a Web page, software could be written later to search stories based on author or date by the styles present on these pages.

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