Starting the Main Document

In this first phase of the mail merge process, you tell Word which document you want to use as the main document.

Follow these steps to start your main document:

  1. If you have an existing letter that you want to use for your form letter, open it now, and delete any parts of it (such as the name and address) that you don't want to include in the form letter. If you want to start a letter from scratch, start a new, blank document.

  2. Save the document (use File, Save As if you've opened an existing document) with a name such as Form Letter - Main to remind you that it is a main document.

  3. Choose Tools, Mail Merge to display the Mail Merge Helper dialog box.

  4. Click the Create button, and click Form Letters in the drop-down list (see Figure 10.1).

    Figure 10.1. Use the Mail Merge Helper dialog box to start your mail merge.


  5. Word displays a message box asking whether you want to use the active document as your main document or start a new document.

The Mail Merge Helper dialog box appears again with information about the main document listed under the Create button. Continue with the next section.

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