Part1.The Basics of Search Marketing

You are ready to go. You are motivated. You are just itching to dive into search marketing. But where do you start? The basics, that's where.

First, in Chapter 1, "Why Search Marketing Is Important … and Difficult," we examine what search marketing is all about. We look at the way search usage is exploding and why search marketing is so valuable to your organizationhow it can drive visitors to your Web site. You will be convinced that your Web site cannot ignore Web searchers any longer. But before being overcome by irrational exuberance, we also take a cold look at why some companies find search marketing so hard to doand why the larger your Web site, the tougher it is.

Building on that overview, Chapter 2, "How Search Engines Work," dives into how search engines workwhat happens when someone is looking for a word, where the results on the screen come from, and how your Web site can show up right on that search results page. You will take a guided tour of the leading search engines and learn which ones to pay attention to.

That sets the stage for Chapter 3, "How Search Marketing Works," where we dig into search marketing methods. We teach you the three basic search marketing techniques, pointing out the benefits of each, so you can start thinking about which ones are most important to you. We also explain how each technique works and review which search companies you will work with for each one.

We wind up Part 1 with Chapter 4, "How Searchers Work," where we peek inside the mind of the searcher. Find out what these folks are really looking for when they type in one or two words. Learn to use your knowledge of searchers to your advantage.

Regardless of what job you have now, by the time you complete Part 1, you will have all the background needed to be a search engine marketer. You will know the terminology and the concepts. You will be ready to learn how to create your very own search marketing plan.

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