We have spent most of this book describing why search marketing is valuable to any Web site and helping you create a program to deliver that value. However, we don't want you to create a "where the rubber meets the sky" plan that looks good when projected on the conference room wall but has no basis in reality.

Your plan is worthless if it is not properly executed. In this chapter, you rounded out your search marketing education with the day-to-day best practices led by your central search team. You learned how to hire your central team, how to foster best practices in your organization, and how to track metrics on an ongoing basis to measure progress and identify trouble.

Above all, you discovered that search marketing is not a one-time event, but an iterative activity that must be improved every day. Armed with that knowledge, you are ready to bring search marketing success to your organization.

Perhaps by now you are asking yourself, "What's next?"both for search marketing and for you personally. That's what Chapter 16 is all about.

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