Issuing a Credit or Refund

If a customer returns an item or if for any other reason you need to issue a credit or a refund to a customer, you can do so easily. You are given room to fully describe the reason for the credit or refund, and you can indicate whether tax applies to the amount.

Select Create Credit Memos/Refunds from the Customers menu, or click the Refunds & Credits icon on the Home page.

Enter the customer's name and, if applicable, the job to which this credit or refund relates.

Verify that the date is correct.

Enter the item for which the credit or refund is being issued.

Describe the reason for the credit or refund.

Enter the quantity, and, if applicable, the rate.

Enter an optional customer message.

Indicate if you want to print the credit memo or send it by email (these two options are not mutually exclusiveyou can do both if you want).

Save the credit memo.

If the Available Credit window appears, select an option to indicate how you want the credit to be treated.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

Customer messages are saved in QuickBooks. If you enter a message in the Customer Message area, and this is the first time you've used that message, you are prompted to add the message to your saved messages so that you can select the message again in the future, without having to retype it. Click the down arrow in the Customer Message area to view other messages that have been saved.

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