Tracking Accounts Receivable

QuickBooks keeps track of all amounts owed to you by your customers. In addition, QuickBooks produces aging reports to show you how long overdue these outstanding amounts are. Examine these reports frequently so you can keep on top of your company's collection effectiveness and so you'll know which customers have trouble making timely payments.

Select Customers & Receivables from the Reports menu, or click the Customers & Receivables option in the Report Center.

Select A/R Aging Summary to see a list of customers and the amounts owed by them.

Select A/R Aging Detail to see every invoice that is overdue.

Double-click any amount on the report to see the actual invoice form.

Press Esc to close the reports.

Did You Know?

You can change the interval for the number of days on your accounts receivable reports. The default interval when displaying the accounts receivable reports is from 30 days through 90 days overdue. You can change this by entering a different number of days (for example, 60, 90, 120, and so on) in the Interval fields at the top of the report.

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