Issuing 1099 Forms

You are required to supply certain independent contractors and businesses with 1099 forms. If your company plans to issue 1099 forms, the forms must be mailed to recipients by January 31 of the following year. For example, fees paid to an independent contractor in 2004 must be reported by January 31, 2005. QuickBooks prints the 1099 information on your government-supplied 1099 forms.

Select Print 1099s from the Vendors menu.

Click the Print 1099s button (click other buttons to review 1099 reports).

Enter the dates that cover the period for which you want to issue 1099 forms.

Click OK.

Verify which vendors should receive forms. Uncheck any vendors that don't require 1099 forms.

Preview selected 1099 forms before printing. Click Close in the Preview window when you're finished.

Click here to print the selected 1099 forms. Click Print when the Print 1099s window appears.

Click here to print the 1096 summary form that needs to accompany your 1099 forms when they are sent to the IRS.

Did You Know?

Issue 1099s just once a year. Issue your company's 1099 forms in January after the year ends, not after every job is completed. The 1099 forms you send to your vendors must be postmarked by January 31. The 1099 forms you send to the Internal Revenue Service, along with the 1096 summary form, must be postmarked by February 28.

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