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managing data mining technologies in organizations: techniques and applications
Managing Data Mining Technologies in Organizations: Techniques and Applications
by Parag Pendharkar (ed) ISBN:1591400570
Idea Group Publishing 2003 (288 pages)

This book details the state-of-the-art data mining research, which reflects in a potpourri of chapters that demonstrate diverse use of techniques and their applications for data mining.

Table of Contents
Managing Data Mining Technologies in Organizations—Techniques and Applications
Chapter 1 - Bayesian Networks as a Decision Support Tool in Credit Scoring Domain
Chapter 2 - Frontier versus Ordinary Regression Models for Data Mining
Chapter 3 - An Evolutionary Misclassification Cost Minimization Approach for Medical Diagnosis
Chapter 4 - Guiding Knowledge Discovery Through Interactive Data Mining
Chapter 5 - A Proposed Process for Performing Data Mining Projects
Chapter 6 - Data Mining for Optimal Combination Demand Forecasts
Chapter 7 - The Myth of Enterprise Database Redesign
Chapter 8 - New Information Technologies and Other Pertinent Issues Impacting the Strategic Dimension of CRM for Business Excellence
Chapter 9 - Utilization of Data Mining Techniques to Detect and Predict Accounting Fraud: A Comparison of Neural Networks and Discriminant Analysis
Chapter 10 - A Multidimensional Data Warehouse Development Methodology
Chapter 11 - A Telecommunications Model for Managing Complexity of Voice and Data Networks and Services
Chapter 12 - Combination Forecasts Based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo Estimation of the Mode
Chapter 13 - Web Mining: Creating Structure Out of Chaos
Chapter 14 - Connectionist and Evolutionary Models for Learning, Discovering and Forecasting Software Effort
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Managing Data Mining Technologies in Organizations: Techniques and Applications
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