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The Linksys WAP11 is a simple but effective low-cost/high-performance access point. Previously, the widespread use of the WAP11 was held back by its lack of security features. Fortunately, however, this has been resolved. As of the firmware version (1.4i.1), the device has several new capabilities, such as the capability to disable the beacon broadcast, and to restrict connections based on the client's MAC address.

Administration of the WAP11 requires client-based software, and is performed via a USB interface or SNMP over an Ethernet connection (not wireless). Some of the features that were added in the 1.4i.1 firmware version require the use of the SNMP interface. However, the settings are only viewable when using a USB interface. When we contacted them, Linksys support was unclear as to why the features are not configurable from both interfaces. They also indicated that this would not be changed in the future. Nevertheless, the administration interface is a joy to navigate and configure. Examples of the administration interface can be seen in Figures 1.1 and 1.2.

Figure 1.1. Basic Settings tab on the Linksys WAP11 management interface.


Figure 1.2. IP Setting tab on the Linksys WAP11 management interface.


The WAP11 features two antennas that can be configured for dedicated sending and receiving. By default, the access point is configured to use each antenna to both send and receive transmissions. Having the capability to configure how the antennas are used can maximize the WAP11's capability to work in almost any environment.

The WAP11 uses a standard (RP-TNC) connector, making the default antennas replaceable with higher-gain aftermarket products. This is useful in helping limit coverage to specific areas, or in directing coverage into a specific area. Please see the section titled "Antennas" later in this chapter for more information on this topic.

Tech Specs

Default SSID:


Default IP:

Default Channel:



40/128-bit WEP




Length: 8.9"

Width: 5"

Height: 1.6"


12 oz.

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