NetGear ME102

NetGear ME102


The NetGear ME102 is a fully functional access point packed into a very small package. Measuring only 6.4 inches long, 5.6 inches wide, and 1.1 inches high, it is one of the smallest access points on the market. This makes it perfect for traveling, or for use in any area where space is a consideration. However, do not let the small size fool you. With the 1.4h3 firmware upgrade, the ME102 is capable of 128-bit WEP encryption, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations, and enhanced access point client features with MAC address restriction.

Administration of the ME102 requires client-based software, and is done via a USB interface or SNMP over an Ethernet connection (not wireless). To access and configure the MAC restriction (Figure 1.3), you must use the SNMP interface. In addition, a statistics page is also available via SNMP that shows various stats for the wireless and Ethernet interfaces on the access point (Figure 1.4). Another useful feature of the ME102 is the capability to set multiple passwords for the administration interface. This allows an administrator to keep her password a secret, while allowing a user to check out the configurations on the access point. While logged in as the user , you can browse all configurations, but you are not permitted to change any settings.

Figure 1.3. MAC address restriction configuration.


Figure 1.4. Statistics page from the administration interface.


In several tests, we found that the ME102 exceeded our expectations in overall functionality and total usability. This access point is very powerful, and is perfect for many situations. Although not quite in the same class as enterprise-level access points, this one will definitely provide you with great value for the money spent.

Tech Specs

Default SSID:


Default IP:

Default Channel:



40/128-bit WEP




Length: 6.4"

Width: 5.6"

Height: 1.1"


0.076 lb.

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Maximum Wireless Security
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