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       listener covert channel  
       ports, security risks of  
Ultra Edit  
umask command  
UNION command  
Universal Root Kit (URK)  
       access control  
       application-specific access controls  
       binary logs  
       building a honeynet  
       daytime service, security risks  
       dd command  
       directory sticky bit  
       echo ports, security risks  
       file attributes  
       file permissions  
       log analysis  
               remote logging  
               Windows logging framework integration  
       network protocols  
       network security  
               attacks on   [See Unix attacks]
               automated hardening  
               BIOS passwords  
               eavesdropping, prevention  
               filesystem permissions  
               host-based firewalls  
               login security  
               NFS and NIS  
               physical security  
               removal of insecure software  
               resource control  
               SSH   2nd  
               system configuration changes  
               system logging and accounting  
               system patches  
               TCP wrappers   2nd  
               /tmp directory, risks of  
                user management  
               X Windows  
       passwords   2nd  
               encrypted vs. nonencrypted  
               storage in files  
       process accounting  
       remote logging  
       runtime monitoring  
       system logging   2nd   [See also logfiles]
       vendor web sites  
Unix attacks  
       application crashing  
       boot prompt attacks  
       chroot command, circumvention  
       DoS (denial-of-service)  
       filling kernel data structures  
       local attacks  
               DoS (denial-of-service)  
       network attacks  
       password attacks  
        path abuse  
               most frequently attacked  
       screensaver attacks  
       TCP services  
       /tmp and symlink /hardlink abuse  
Unix binary logs  
Unix shell history  
UPDATE command  
UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)  
       buffer overflow attack using  
URK (Universal Root Kit)  
user processes, Windows CE  

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Security Warrior
Security Warrior
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