Source 6--Things, Enable (Bridges and Barriers)

Source 6 ”Things, Enable (Bridges and Barriers)

The environment, structure, policies, procedures, rules, and all other things make it hard or impossible to do the right behavior while making it easy to do the wrong behavior.

Diagnostic Questions

  • Is the required task part of their current job description or role?

  • Are there policies, rules, or procedures that make the desired behavior difficult or impossible?

  • Are their bureaucratic steps or barriers that hinder them?

  • Do they have the equipment or tools they need?

  • Is the physical environment helpful or a hindrance?

  • Do they have access to the information they need ”are they getting adequate performance feedback?

  • Are their goals and priorities clear?

Crucial Confrontations. Tools for Resolving Broken Promises, Violated Expectations, and Bad Behavior
Crucial Confrontations
ISBN: 0071446524
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