Section A.2. Getting Help from Flash

A.2. Getting Help from Flash

Flash's documentation isn't especially thorough or well-written , but it offers you a good place to start. You can search for a specific topic or read through multipage documents devoted to everything from Flash basics to ActionScript syntax and class definitions.

A.2.1. Flash Documentation: The Help Window

The Help window lets you search the Flash and ActionScript documentation you automatically installed on your computer when you installed Flash.

To use the Help window:

  1. Select Help Flash Help .

    The Help window in Figure A-1 appears.

    Figure A-1. To use Flash's Help window, type the word or phrase you're looking for in the search box and then click Search. To narrow your search, you can tell Flash to look only in a specific set of documentation books (such as Features, Components, or Tutorials Samples). But in most cases, you'll want to search All Books, as shown here. (If you knew enough about the term to know what book it belongs in, chances are you wouldn't have to search for help with it in the first place!)
  2. In the search box (Figure A-1), type the word or phrase with which you need help .

    Flash displays a list of topics in the left-hand side of the Help window.

  3. Click the topic that looks like the closest match to what you're searching for .

    Flash displays the text for that topic in the Help window's right-hand side. You may have to repeat this step several times to zero in on the information you want.

Note: To view Flash documentation online, choose either Help Flash LiveDocs or Help Flash Documentation Resource Center.
A.2.2. Flash Overview and Tutorials

Flash includes a quick overview of the product (what it is and what you can do with it) along with a handful of tutorials that cover different Flash features, such as using layers and creating motion tweens.

To view the Flash overview and tutorials, select Help Getting Started with Flash. When you do, the Help window in Figure A-1 appears, preloaded with links to the overview and tutorials.

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