Chapter3.Exploring ISA Server 2004 Tools and Concepts

Chapter 3. Exploring ISA Server 2004 Tools and Concepts


  • Exploring the ISA Server 2004 Management Console

  • Configuring Networks with ISA Console Network Wizards and Tools

  • Exploring Firewall Policy Settings

  • Navigating the Monitoring Node Options

  • Working with the Virtual Private Networks Node

  • Examining the Cache Node Settings

  • Configuring Add-ins

  • Exploring the ISA General Node

  • Summary

  • Best Practices

After ISA Server has been installed, the intimidating task of configuring it and customizing it to fit organizational needs begins. An ISA Server is a very customizable and powerful security solution, but the proper rules, parameters, and settings must be configured before it can perform any of its promised functions.

Fortunately, ISA Server 2004 makes management and configuration relatively straightforward to perform, particularly when it is compared with some of the other security solutions on the market. With this in mind, it is subsequently important to understand how to use the tools that ISA provides and to become familiar with its interface before becoming proficient in leveraging its functionality.

This chapter focuses on presenting and explaining the various ISA components and terminology that are central to its operation and functionality. Each of the components in the ISA Server Management Console is explained, and instructions on how to use them are presented. Because of the quantity of topics, they are covered at a high level in this chapter, but references to other chapters that go into more specifics are given when applicable.

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