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       aligning   2nd  
       point size
Thaw tool (Liquify tool)  
tips, list of   2nd  
       brush size  
       contextual menus  
       dialog box shortcuts  
       Fill command shortcuts  
       foreground/background colors  
       layer shortcuts  
       merging layers  
       Move tool   2nd  
       navigation shortcuts  
       opacity shortcuts  
       palette shortcuts  
       resetting dialog boxes  
       Revert command shortcuts  
       tool shortcuts  
       Undo/Redo shortcuts  
       between Blur tool and Sharpen tool  
       between Lasso tool and Polygonal Lasso tool   2nd  
       grid size
               Curves dialog box  
       guide orientation  
       layer masks   2nd  
       Precise Cursors  
       snapping to grid   2nd  
       snapping to guides  
       to Direct Select tool  
       to Eyedropper tool  
       to Move tool  
       Zoom Out tool  
toggling on/off
       Action dialog boxes  
       Airbrush mode  
toning tools
       controlling   2nd  
       Blur tool
               toggling with Sharpen tool  
       brushes   [See brushes]
               changing canvas color  
       Burn tool
               controlling   2nd  
       cycling through in tool slots  
       cycling through options  
       Direct Select tool
               toggling to  
       Dodge tool
               controlling   2nd  
               toggling to  
       Gradient tool
               cycling through gradient list  
               cycling through gradient styles  
       Lasso tool
               toggling with Polygonal Lasso tool  
               adjusting weight  
       Magnetic Lasso
               edge contrast adjustments  
               frequency adjustments  
               width adjustments  
       Magnetic Pen
               edge contrast adjustments  
               frequency adjustments  
               width adjustments  
       Measure tool
               constraining to 45-degree axis  
               temporarily switching to   2nd  
       Move tool
               toggling to  
               adjusting number of sides  
       Rounded Rectangle
               adjusting corner radius  
       Shape tools
               selecting layer styles  
               Desaturate setting  
               Saturate setting  
       Sponge tool
               controlling   2nd  
               controlling   2nd  
       Zoom Out
Trackball tool (3D Transform filter)  
Transform, Numeric command (Edit menu)   2nd   3rd   4th  
       creating duplicates  
       Free Transform command  
       linked layers  
        preserving   2nd  
Turbulence tool (Liquify tool)  
turning on/off
       Action dialog boxes  
Twirl Clockwise tool (Liquify tool)  
Twirl Counterclockwise tool (Liquify tool)  
               selecting   2nd   3rd  
       cursor movement  
       showing/hiding Character palette  
       showing/hiding Paragraph palette  
Type dialog box   2nd  

Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
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