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background color
       adding to Color Table  
       filling   2nd  
       selecting in Swatches palette  
background colors
background layers
Batch command
       in Actions  
Behind (Blend mode)  
best-kept secrets  
       creating duplicate transformations  
       creating selections  
       cycling through open documents  
       drawing straight lines  
       fading filters  
       measuring angles  
       reapplying filters  
        repositioning selections  
       toggling Airbrush mode  
       transforming linked layers  
Bevel and Emboss panel (Layer Effects)  
Bevel and Emboss panel (Layer Styles)  
Blend modes   2nd  
blend modes   2nd  
Bloat tool (Liquify tool)  
Blur tool
       toggling with Sharpen tool  
Browse command (File menu)  
browsing files
       (File Browser)   2nd  
       selecting   2nd  
Brushes palette
Bucket tool
       changing canvas color  
Burn tool
       controlling   2nd  
       dialog boxes
       Open dialog box

Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
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