The J2EE Platform

The J2EE platform targets the development and deployment of distributed, multitiered software applications. J2EE achieves this by defining a rich set of services based around object distribution, transaction management, security, state management, and resource management. These services build on those already provided by the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE).

The features of the J2EE platform significantly reduce the overall level of effort for enterprise developers by providing a robust architectural infrastructure they would otherwise have had to implement themselves. By delegating responsibility of system concerns to the J2EE server, developers are free to focus on the implementation of distributed components that address the needs of the business.

Despite these advantages, in order to undertake the rapid development of enterprise systems, the technologies of the J2EE platform must form an integral part of a wider adaptive development approach to software engineering.

    Rapid J2EE Development. An Adaptive Foundation for Enterprise Applications
    Rapid J2EEв„ў Development: An Adaptive Foundation for Enterprise Applications
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