Fail Back

After the secondary has been set to the active state, it will not fail back to the standby state until manually told to do so. For example, if Jack's primary firewall is turned off, the secondary moves to the active state. After Jack's primary comes back online, he will have to manually force the secondary to go into standby state, thus making the primary active again. This can be done from either unit. Table 11.4 lists the two commands used to force active or standby state.

Table 11.4. Failover Commands



failover active

You use this command on the primary firewall to set the primary to active mode.

no failover active

You use this command on the secondary to force it back into standby mode.

If the firewalls are set up in a stateful configuration, stateful information is kept when the new active firewall takes over. Otherwise, the users will have to reconnect .

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