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Learning the bash Shell, 3rd Edition
By Cameron Newham
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: March 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00965-8
Pages: 352

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      bash Versions
      Summary of bash Features
      Intended Audience
      Code Examples
      Chapter Summary
      Conventions Used in This Handbook
      We'd Like to Hear from You
      Using Code Examples
      Safari Enabled
      Acknowledgments for the First Edition
      Acknowledgments for the Second Edition
      Acknowledgments for the Third Edition
        Chapter 1.  bash Basics
      Section 1.1.  What Is a Shell?
      Section 1.2.  Scope of This Book
      Section 1.3.  History of UNIX Shells
      Section 1.4.  Getting bash
      Section 1.5.  Interactive Shell Use
      Section 1.6.  Files
      Section 1.7.  Input and Output
      Section 1.8.  Background Jobs
      Section 1.9.  Special Characters and Quoting
      Section 1.10.  Help
        Chapter 2.  Command-Line Editing
      Section 2.1.  Enabling Command-Line Editing
      Section 2.2.  The History List
      Section 2.3.  emacs Editing Mode
      Section 2.4.  vi Editing Mode
      Section 2.5.  The fc Command
      Section 2.6.  History Expansion
      Section 2.7.  readline
      Section 2.8.  Keyboard Habits
        Chapter 3.  Customizing Your Environment
      Section 3.1.  The .bash_profile, .bash_logout, and .bashrc Files
      Section 3.2.  Aliases
      Section 3.3.  Options
      Section 3.4.  Shell Variables
      Section 3.5.  Customization and Subprocesses
      Section 3.6.  Customization Hints
        Chapter 4.  Basic Shell Programming
      Section 4.1.  Shell Scripts and Functions
      Section 4.2.  Shell Variables
      Section 4.3.  String Operators
      Section 4.4.  Command Substitution
      Section 4.5.  Advanced Examples: pushd and popd
        Chapter 5.  Flow Control
      Section 5.1.  if/else
      Section 5.2.  for
      Section 5.3.  case
      Section 5.4.  select
      Section 5.5.  while and until
        Chapter 6.  Command-Line Options and Typed Variables
      Section 6.1.  Command-Line Options
      Section 6.2.  Typed Variables
      Section 6.3.  Integer Variables and Arithmetic
      Section 6.4.  Arrays
        Chapter 7.  Input/Output and Command-Line Processing
      Section 7.1.  I/O Redirectors
      Section 7.2.  String I/O
      Section 7.3.  Command-Line Processing
        Chapter 8.  Process Handling
      Section 8.1.  Process IDs and Job Numbers
      Section 8.2.  Job Control
      Section 8.3.  Signals
      Section 8.4.  trap
      Section 8.5.  Coroutines
      Section 8.6.  Subshells
      Section 8.7.  Process Substitution
        Chapter 9.  Debugging Shell Programs
      Section 9.1.  Basic Debugging Aids
      Section 9.2.  A bash Debugger
        Chapter 10.  bash Administration
      Section 10.1.  Installing bash as the Standard Shell
      Section 10.2.  Environment Customization
      Section 10.3.  System Security Features
        Chapter 11.  Shell Scripting
      Section 11.1.  What's That Do?
      Section 11.2.  Starting Up
      Section 11.3.  Potential Problems
      Section 11.4.  Don't Use bash
        Chapter 12.  bash for Your System
      Section 12.1.  Obtaining bash
      Section 12.2.  Unpacking the Archive
      Section 12.3.  What's in the Archive
      Section 12.4.  Who Do I Turn to?
        Appendix A.  Related Shells
      Section A.1.  The Bourne Shell
      Section A.2.  The IEEE 1003.2 POSIX Shell Standard
      Section A.3.  The Korn Shell
      Section A.4.  pdksh
      Section A.5.  zsh
      Section A.6.  Shell Clones and Unix-like Platforms
        Appendix B.  Reference Lists
      Section B.1.  Invocation
      Section B.2.  Prompt String Customizations
      Section B.3.  Built-In Commands and Reserved Words
      Section B.4.  Built-In Shell Variables
      Section B.5.  Test Operators
      Section B.6.  set Options
      Section B.7.  shopt Options
      Section B.8.  I/O Redirection
      Section B.9.  emacs Mode Commands
      Section B.10.  vi Control Mode Commands
        Appendix C.  Loadable Built-Ins
        Appendix D.  Programmable Completion
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Learning the bash Shell
Learning the bash Shell: Unix Shell Programming (In a Nutshell (OReilly))
ISBN: 0596009658
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Year: 2005
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