Chapter 19 -- Network Troubleshooting Scenarios

Chapter 19

About This Chapter

The process of troubleshooting network problems varies depending on the size of the organization and the people involved. In medium- to large-sized organizations, there is usually a set procedure that determines how technical support calls are registered, addressed, and escalated. In smaller organizations, the process might be much more informal. This chapter describes the procedures followed for typical technical support calls. In some cases, the cause of the problem might be banal, such as simple user error, but the procedures described illustrate how technical staff can handle even minor problems to everyone's satisfaction. In other cases, the problem itself might seem minor, but it might actually be a sign of a serious problem that affects the whole network.

Before You Begin

This chapter draws on all of the material presented in this book, and particularly the discussion of troubleshooting tools and techniques presented in Chapter 17, "Network Troubleshooting Procedures," and Chapter 18, "Network Troubleshooting Tools."

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